[RFC] rename nvidia-driver port binaries [ and other comments]

Jeffrey Bouquet jbtakk at iherebuywisely.com
Mon May 15 14:15:44 UTC 2017

 Just had a unique to me, unbootable backup [beside the point,
just a sidebar comment... ]  quandry dealing with the nvidia-driver update
that  mesa-libs needed.  [ or was appurtenant to it, unsure... ]

  12.0 - CURRENT

  [ my previous 'saves' -- files to consult...  were in .jpg, so no avail for me to peruse as I was in the terminal ]

Lessons I learned, maybe

[RFC]  rename nvidia-driver.ko to include its version, for instance nvidia-modeset-37539.ko
          which would make one's diagnosis a fix easier. 


... Document that the kernel will load a /boot/modules/_nvidia.ko if you'd thus made it 'unavailable'
... document better that one can load nvidia[modeset] later than /boot/loader.conf [cli, rc.conf...]

[ mini 'what fixed it for you '  and/or stalled the same ... 
... I had a make.conf in place, 'trapping' a
    make -DMAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE=yes CC=".../clang39"  [and the other two...] install in failure
... I had no clue if Xorg was at fault, and luckily did not have to rebuild.
... I had no access to the forums, as the desktop could not be loaded [yet]
... I had to do strings nvidia.ko |grep 26 [39] | less to detect the not usable module numbers,
    THUS THE REQ FOR RENAME of the nvidia.ko binary [vs port] to include its 5 digit number
    as above.
... I was taken aback by the less infomative
    this client has the .39 but the module has the .26 ... 
    specifically stating which file/port/kernel module the 'client' refers to
   and which specific modules 'this module' was referring to.  Unknown if that is
   fixable here in a .c, .h , or is closed-source upstream in nvidia [corp ] where we can
    ask them to be more specific or code in some more verbose error messages.
...  Relieved I did not have to rebuild Xorg nor the kernel, just move files out of the
  way and do a simple rebuild of the nvidia-driver.
[... Not relieved that the nvidia-driver needed install during the mesa-lib reshuffle,  maybe
   did not need to be, just a hazy recollection on my part.  So ignore this little bit ]

... All in all a learning experience.  Howsoever, I would like this nvidia stuff to be put eventuall
 in /usr/src/UPDATING so the half or third of persons who run into this yearly will have a more
 authoritative flowchart of sorts to determine the next course of action.
   something like
  if ... this thta
   if... this that
   if ... this that
  OTOH... error message... a... you may need to...
               error message ... r... you may need to...

 ... And it would have maybe saved a bit of time here, and I would almost if eventually
     possible be sure to copy /usr/src/UPDATING to /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver for
     more easy access if the desktop was broken....

Apologies for the hurried post. Indeed, I have tasked myself to write it up here
locally [ still in scribbled notations...] so I can forestall/fix more quickly this
error the next time.
Running late  in other personal matters, and out of time.


J. Bouquet 

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