math/R: Build failure after PORTREVISION for shlib change

David Wolfskill david at
Wed Jun 28 12:08:45 UTC 2017


FreeBSD 11.1-BETA3 FreeBSD 11.1-BETA3 #383  r320438M/320450:1100514: Wed Jun 28 03:56:53 PDT 2017     root at  amd64

with /usr/ports working copy:
g1-227(11.1)[4] svn info /usr/ports/
Path: /usr/ports
Working Copy Root Path: /usr/ports
URL: file:///svn/freebsd/ports/head
Relative URL: ^/head
Repository Root: file:///svn/freebsd/ports
Repository UUID: 35697150-7ecd-e111-bb59-0022644237b5
Revision: 444562
Node Kind: directory
Schedule: normal
Last Changed Author: jbeich
Last Changed Rev: 444562
Last Changed Date: 2017-06-28 02:58:37 -0700 (Wed, 28 Jun 2017)

(Repo is a local mirror, updated overnight.)

After updating all other installed ports and setting
'MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE=yes', I tried (again) for math/R and
databases/R-cran-DBI; math/R fails:

making xmalloc.d from xmalloc.c
gcc5 -I. -I. -I../../../src/include -I../../../src/include -DLIBICONV_PLUG -I/usr/local/include -isystem /usr/local/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -fopenmp -fpic  -O2 -pipe  -DLIBICONV_PLUG -fstack-protector -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc5 -isystem /usr/local/include -fno-strict-aliasing -flto -fvisibility=hidden -c regcomp.c -o regcomp.o
gcc5 -I. -I. -I../../../src/include -I../../../src/include -DLIBICONV_PLUG -I/usr/local/include -isystem /usr/local/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -fopenmp -fpic  -O2 -pipe  -DLIBICONV_PLUG -fstack-protector -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc5 -isystem /usr/local/include -fno-strict-aliasing -flto -fvisibility=hidden -c regerror.c -o regerror.o
gcc5 -I. -I. -I../../../src/include -I../../../src/include -DLIBICONV_PLUG -I/usr/local/include -isystem /usr/local/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -fopenmp -fpic  -O2 -pipe  -DLIBICONV_PLUG -fstack-protector -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc5 -isystem /usr/local/include -fno-strict-aliasing -flto -fvisibility=hidden -c regexec.c -o regexec.o
gcc5 -I. -I. -I../../../src/include -I../../../src/include -DLIBICONV_PLUG -I/usr/local/include -isystem /usr/local/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -fopenmp -fpic  -O2 -pipe  -DLIBICONV_PLUG -fstack-protector -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc5 -isystem /usr/local/include -fno-strict-aliasing -flto -fvisibility=hidden -c tre-ast.c -o tre-ast.o
gcc5 -I. -I. -I../../../src/include -I../../../src/include -DLIBICONV_PLUG -I/usr/local/include -isystem /usr/local/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -fopenmp -fpic  -O2 -pipe  -DLIBICONV_PLUG -fstack-protector -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc5 -isystem /usr/local/include -fno-strict-aliasing -flto -fvisibility=hidden -c tre-compile.c -o tre-compile.o
gcc5 -I. -I. -I../../../src/include -I../../../src/include -DLIBICONV_PLUG -I/usr/local/include -isystem /usr/local/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -fopenmp -fpic  -O2 -pipe  -DLIBICONV_PLUG -fstack-protector -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc5 -isystem /usr/local/include -fno-strict-aliasing -flto -fvisibility=hidden -c tre-match-approx.c -o tre-match-approx.o
gcc5 -I. -I. -I../../../src/include -I../../../src/include -DLIBICONV_PLUG -I/usr/local/include -isystem /usr/local/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -fopenmp -fpic  -O2 -pipe  -DLIBICONV_PLUG -fstack-protector -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc5 -isystem /usr/local/include -fno-strict-aliasing -flto -fvisibility=hidden -c tre-match-backtrack.c -o tre-match-backtrack.o
gcc5 -I. -I. -I../../../src/include -I../../../src/include -DLIBICONV_PLUG -I/usr/local/include -isystem /usr/local/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -fopenmp -fpic  -O2 -pipe  -DLIBICONV_PLUG -fstack-protector -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc5 -isystem /usr/local/include -fno-strict-aliasing -flto -fvisibility=hidden -c tre-match-parallel.c -o tre-match-parallel.o
gcc5 -I. -I. -I../../../src/include -I../../../src/include -DLIBICONV_PLUG -I/usr/local/include -isystem /usr/local/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -fopenmp -fpic  -O2 -pipe  -DLIBICONV_PLUG -fstack-protector -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc5 -isystem /usr/local/include -fno-strict-aliasing -flto -fvisibility=hidden -c tre-mem.c -o tre-mem.o
gcc5 -I. -I. -I../../../src/include -I../../../src/include -DLIBICONV_PLUG -I/usr/local/include -isystem /usr/local/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -fopenmp -fpic  -O2 -pipe  -DLIBICONV_PLUG -fstack-protector -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc5 -isystem /usr/local/include -fno-strict-aliasing -flto -fvisibility=hidden -c tre-parse.c -o tre-parse.o
gcc5 -I. -I. -I../../../src/include -I../../../src/include -DLIBICONV_PLUG -I/usr/local/include -isystem /usr/local/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -fopenmp -fpic  -O2 -pipe  -DLIBICONV_PLUG -fstack-protector -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc5 -isystem /usr/local/include -fno-strict-aliasing -flto -fvisibility=hidden -c tre-stack.c -o tre-stack.o
gcc5 -I. -I. -I../../../src/include -I../../../src/include -DLIBICONV_PLUG -I/usr/local/include -isystem /usr/local/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -fopenmp -fpic  -O2 -pipe  -DLIBICONV_PLUG -fstack-protector -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc5 -isystem /usr/local/include -fno-strict-aliasing -flto -fvisibility=hidden -c xmalloc.c -o xmalloc.o
/usr/local/bin/gcc-ar5 -cr libtre.a regcomp.o regerror.o regexec.o tre-ast.o tre-compile.o tre-match-approx.o tre-match-backtrack.o tre-match-parallel.o tre-mem.o tre-parse.o tre-stack.o xmalloc.o
ar: unrecognized option `--plugin'
usage:  ar -d [-Tjsvz] archive file ...
        ar -m [-Tjsvz] archive file ...
        ar -m [-Tabijsvz] position archive file ...
        ar -p [-Tv] archive [file ...]
        ar -q [-TcDjsUvz] archive file ...
        ar -r [-TcDjsUuvz] archive file ...
        ar -r [-TabcDijsUuvz] position archive file ...
        ar -s [-jz] archive
        ar -t [-Tv] archive [file ...]
        ar -x [-CTouv] archive [file ...]
        ar -V
*** Error code 64

make[6]: stopped in /common/ports/math/R/work/R-3.4.0/src/extra/tre
*** Error code 1

[and things don't improve after that.]

Poking around, I see:
g1-227(11.1)[3] pkg which /usr/local/bin/gcc-ar5
/usr/local/bin/gcc-ar5 was installed by package gcc5-5.4.0_2

I confess I don't really see (from the command listed) how gcc-ar5
thought it was being told to use the '--plugin' option, but ... <shrug>.

Most recent update to the math/R port was to the Makefile:

r444463 | sunpoet | 2017-06-27 06:46:53 -0700 (Tue, 27 Jun 2017) | 11 lines

Update devel/readline to 7.0 patch 3

- Bump PORTREVISION for shlib change

Differential Revision:
PR:             219947
Exp-run by:     antoine


Suggestions for getting math/R (and, I presume, databases/R-cran-DBI)
to build?


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