svnlite barfing when updating from repo

Baho Utot baho-utot at
Sun Jun 4 17:21:00 UTC 2017

On 06/04/17 13:11, Peter Beckman wrote:
> --> svn: E000013: Can't remove file 
> '/usr/home/FreeBSD/source/ports/head/net-im/mastodon/files/patch-bin_yarn': 
> Permission denied
> If you cannot remove the file, then you do not have the "proper" 
> permissions in that
> directory -- not the top level, but at the leaf node
> (.../net-im/mastodon/files/).
> You need write permission on the immediate parent directory to remove a 
> file.
> One other possibility -- if the sticky bit is set on the parent directory,
> ONLY the user that owns the file will be able to delete it.

This repository was created with svnlite co (etc) so how would all of a 
sudden it would incure these problems?  I just got done fixing this repo 
again for this month and next month when I do a svnlite up I will see 
this again as it has happened every month from January to now.  I do not 
change anything between update as I use rsync to copy it to a directory 
just for synth use.  This repo only gets changed bu svnlite.

This is quite aggravating as it it always multiple directories that have 
this issue.

> On Sun, 4 Jun 2017, Baho Utot wrote:
>> when I am update my ports repo like this
>> svnlite co "" "/usr/src/ports"
>> svn: E155009: Failed to run the WC DB work queue associated with 
>> '/usr/home/FreeBSD/source/ports/head/net-im/mastodon/files', work item 
>> 132774 (file-remove net-im/mastodon/files/patch-bin_yarn)
>> svn: E000013: Can't remove file 
>> '/usr/home/FreeBSD/source/ports/head/net-im/mastodon/files/patch-bin_yarn': 
>> Permission denied
>> What causes this?
>> I am updating the repo as a regular user and not root and the 
>> directory has the proper perms.
>> I am getting this after I update a repo ( i do this once a month ) and 
>> it was fine last moth and now I get multiple failures.  After:
>> rm -rf /usr/home/FreeBSD/source/ports/head/net-im/mastodon/files/; 
>> svnlite cleanup;
>> svnlite co "" "/usr/src/ports"
>> It will run until it finds another perm problem so I have to 
>> shampoo,rinse,repeat until the local repo is finally updated

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