I would like to maintain and update www/luakit

Ruslan Makhmatkhanov rm at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jul 24 14:13:17 UTC 2017

Stefan Hagen wrote on 07/24/2017 16:16:


> I can see two approches how to tackle this:
> a) leave the current www/luakit port as it is and create a new
>     www/luakit-gtk3 with the 2017 release. This would prevent an
>     automatic update for existing users.
> b) update the existing www/luakit port and add the information about
>     the configuration incompatibility to UPDATING.
> Any other options?
> A helping hand would be appreceated.
> Best Regards,
> Stefan

Since there are no ports depending upon luakit, it is better to just 
update the existing port. Also we have two webkit-gtk3 branches:

www/webkit2-gtk3 - 2.16 (stable branch, supports both apiv1 and apiv2) and
www/webkit-gtk3 - 2.4 (old branch, unsupported upstream, apiv1 only)

If luakit is compatible with both of them, please stick with 2.16 port.


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