I would like to maintain and update www/luakit

Kurt Jaeger lists at opsec.eu
Mon Jul 24 13:34:20 UTC 2017


> It looks like www/luakit is not maintained. The program has greatly
> improved and a new release will be out in the next days. I'm in
> contact with the developer and I would like to bring it to FreeBSD
> and maintain it in future.
> However, this would be my first port. I'm currently working myself
> through the porter handbook, but I have questions. Is it okay to push
> these (beginner) questions to this list?


> The first question would be what is best practice when a port greatly
> changes and will break compatibility with the old port.

> The current www/luakit port is the webkit1 version from 2012. The
> current release is a rewrite based on webkit2, which is incomptible
> to the old configuration files. It won't even start.
> I can see two approches how to tackle this:
> a) leave the current www/luakit port as it is and create a new
>     www/luakit-gtk3 with the 2017 release. This would prevent an
>     automatic update for existing users.
> b) update the existing www/luakit port and add the information about
>     the configuration incompatibility to UPDATING.

Both are fine, a) is better if many other ports depend on it,
but leaves the old port around (which is not nice).

If no or few ports depend on luakit, b) is better.

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