FreeBSD Port: xapian-bindings-1.2.24

Oliver Schonrock oliver at
Mon Jul 10 13:49:17 UTC 2017

On 10/07/17 13:57, Oliver Schonrock wrote:
> Is that because the repo binary packages assume php56 and there are no
> php71 configured binary packages available, ie would need to "make" from
> source?

"make'ing" from source certainly seems to compile and run:

> # pkg info | egrep 'php|xapian'
> php-xapian-1.4.4               PHP binding for Xapian
> php71-7.1.6_1                  PHP Scripting Language
> xapian-bindings-1.4.4          Bindings allowing Xapian to be used from various programming languages
> xapian-core-1.4.4,1            Probabilistic text search database engine

> # php -m
> [PHP Modules]
> ....
> xapian

Is there any way this can be done with binary packages?

Need a php71-xapian?

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