firefox is pretty useless ...

DTD doug at
Wed Jul 5 06:07:36 UTC 2017

if you use xfce. By definition it is not a problem that:

   1) install a new copy of FreeBSD 10.3
   2) pkg install xorg
   3) pkg install xfce
   4) pkg install firefox

installs a firefox package that does not run. The project seems to do a bit
better than this on Windows, but they (I think) have to in that environment. The
official answer to the above is:

--- Comment #1 from Jan Beich <jbeich at> ---
Partial upgrades i.e., mixing dependencies from different svn checkouts, dates
of "pkg install" or locking dependencies, are not supported. firefox will
refuse to build unless you upgrade sqlite3. Some version requirement are
specified in the port's Makefile

   $ fgrep sqlite www/firefox/Makefile
                   sqlite3>=3.17.0:databases/sqlite3 \
                   ${PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX}sqlite3>0:databases/py-sqlite3 \

"pkg upgrade" may help you resolve this.

The only problem with this 'solution' is that upgrading sqlite requires a
cascading series of updates that breaks parts of xfce. Other than that no
problem here. So if you use twm firefox is your browser.

The next time I build a system I will try installing firefox first. I got here 
because I wanted to ungrade thunar (xfce's file manager). That upgrade broke
the version of firefox that was running (47.somethine). Chasing and fixing that 
chain eventually required a reinstall. Happily (for me) chrome works.

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