FreeBSD Port: unifi5-5.4.15

Russell L. Carter rcarter at
Tue Jul 4 22:32:05 UTC 2017

On 07/04/17 10:57, Mark Felder wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 4, 2017, at 10:30, Ruud Boon wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> I’m wondering if you have any plans to upgrade the port to 5.4.19.
>> Got some issues that are hopefully solved with this release.
>> Thnx,
>> Ruud
> Yes but they started shipping a newer version of the snappy compression
> library. It's a java jar file with native libraries inside and they only
> ship the libraries for Linux, windows, and OSX. We replace with our own
> from the ports tree. It's not clear if our older version is ABI
> compatible so we are looking at updating the snappy port but it's a bit
> difficult because we have to do a bunch of custom work to make it build
> without requiring internet access such as doing a bunch of Maven stuff
> to cache all its build requirements locally. I'm not up to speed on that
> and am discussing it with the maintainer right now.
> tl;dr in progress, but want to be sure the update won't break the
> ability to adopt APs or cause any other issues related to snappy

Thanks for taking on these gory bits!  FWIW, the mongodb 24 build is
failing in poudriere for a few weeks now.  I saw the bit about UniFi 5
backup something something possibly not working with mongodb 3, but
Real Soon Now I will try it out here with mongodb34, which builds fine.


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