Status of synth following expulsion of John Marino?

abi abi at
Wed Feb 15 18:47:07 UTC 2017

On 15.02.2017 18:00, Adam Weinberger wrote:
>> On 15 Feb, 2017, at 2:26, Thomas Mueller <mueller6722 at> wrote:
>> Expulsion of John Marino was a shocker to me, caught me by surprise.
>> Now my question is what is the status of synth?
>> Should I switch from portmaster to synth?
>> If synth is deprecated or dropped, after I switch from portmaster to synth, then I have to switch back, and this would be a monster mess of extra work.
>> Not to be inflammatory here, just want to know where I/we stand and don't want to go too far off course updating my ports.
> I don't recommend portmaster for anybody. It's unmaintained, it already causes headaches on upgrades, and even though it works now, it is unlikely to keep working as the ports tree evolves.

This is FUD. Yes, portmaster can be less maintained, but it works 
without observable issues, at least I don't see any problems with it on 
my systems. synth and poudriere lacks the ability to set and maintain 
port options recursively, eliminating any practical (from user 
perspective, not developer) use of such software stand alone.

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