Install of pkg fuse-ntfs fails because of undefined symbol in pkg!?!

Michelle Sullivan michelle at
Sat Feb 11 08:51:46 UTC 2017

Mark Linimon wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 11:02:41PM +0100, Michelle Sullivan wrote:
>> Or the last strong hold you have - the server owners - get so p**sed off in
>> reality they can't keep up with the OS updates that they migrate away...
> So we should give up on EFI, 4k drives, and SSD?
Not what I said, suggested or thought.  There is a difference between 
adding drivers and installation/boot tools and an incessant push to get 
people to upgrade every (what seems like 5 minutes)... yes I know it's 
longer than that, it might be a year, it might be two, but the hardware 
is outlasting (by a long way) the OS.

Tell me....  What is the reason for me upgrading those few production 
servers from 9.3 to 10/11?... baring in mind the following:

The tools/utilities in the base OS (ntp, ssh, openssl, etc etc etc) have 
been removed/disabled.
The ports I am using to replace the base utilities is still using pkg_* 
tools and is up to date for the 1000 odd packages I have across my 
The environment does not contain any new hardware that is not already 

Then after that consider this:

On some of my servers I have been attempting to move services to using 
'powerdns' which was marked as broken on 9.3 since August 2016...  It 
failed to link with 'to_string' not a part of 'std' ... however with a 
little research and some help (as I know very little about c++) it turns 
out that the problem that caused it is the same problem that has been 
present since 2014 on 8.x and was reported on the mailing lists along 
with a fix... oh and since then it's been reported on 10.x as well... 
and still no fix...

... The fix it turns out was very simple it's a bad #ifdef/missing 
#define in the C++ headers/config ...

Guess what... it's fixed on my systems, but get "9.3 is obsolete, please 
upgrade" if I ask for a fix or even suggest about patching the fix in....

Its not the only thing, but it shows the sentiment, if you're not 
running HEAD, then *most* are not interested in helping you...  This is 
the reason I forked...  This is the reason why linux has so many 
variants, this is why FreeBSD is either now, or heading to be "just 
another distro" ... we're better off with DeadRat, we can pay support 
put it on our servers and know that it'll be supported *and patched* for 
the 5+ years we'll have the hardware... and this is what I was fighting 
within the company but they're right FreeBSD is not a viable option for 
the company as the OS moves too fast for either our DCs or the on prem 
embedded hardware.... we're a security company, we can't afford to be 
running an unsupported OS, and we can't afford to have 90% of the 
company staff admins so that we can keep upgrading our DCs and all the 

I respect you Mark, have seen you about here for years now, you're not 
stupid, but you have to see where the forcing of upgrades and drive to 
keep up with the joneses is hurting the userbase and therefore FreeBSD 
as a whole.... and just as a parting shot, about to attempt to deploy my 
fork onto some Sun hardware and if it works (which I expect it to) I'm 
going to try the same fix on there to see if that also fixes the 
build/link problem.

Michelle Sullivan

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