please fix the pkg downloads system

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Feb 8 16:07:05 UTC 2017

please work on having the "Latest" image in a directory that has the 
cvs revision number in its name

and make the current names just be links to there.

I ONCE AGAIN (for the third time) got half of one release (432891) and 
half of another (433120) because the newest snapshot of the pkgs was 
replaced half way through my process of downloading a large set of 
packages.  Then a couple of days later I managed to get all the files 
of 433274, but by the time I got to downloading the metadata it was 
changed to the next snapshot (433341), making my mirror pointless. 
(unless there is a script I can run to regenerate the metadata from 
the actual files. (I'm guessing there is).

Please consider keeping two copies, at any time. this measn that 
someonewho starts copying the latest set has at least a couple of days 
to get it.

So FreeBSD would be a 
link to the latest but someone who followed the link 20 minutes 
earlier and was copying files would keep getting a consistent set.

the actual backing set would be called

something like:


and the next would be:




etc. (real snapshot numbers)

but would always point to 
the latest one.

this would ensure that I don't keep getting HALF A RELEASE!

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