Install of pkg fuse-ntfs fails because of undefined symbol in pkg!?!

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Wed Feb 8 14:43:31 UTC 2017

On 02/08/17 11:56, scratch65535 at wrote:
> So, what's the deal here?  To "encourage" people to upgrade, pkg
> will break their existing install?  That is both hostile and
> deeply arrogant!

mat's response is more exasperation than anything else.  This is a well
known problem for which there have been /numerous/ bug reports.  You're
meant to check that there isn't already a relevant bug report when
creating a PR in bugzilla.


Your installation is *not* broken.  If you build net-mgmt/pkg (yes, the
latest one) from sources using the ports, you will find it works
perfectly well.

Or you can simply use pkg-static

However, there is no guarantee that

  a) some other package will not suffer from the same utimensat problem
     (so be very wary of using the pre-compiled FreeBSD packages)

  b) or that the package you want will compile properly on 10.2-RELEASE
     (most will, but a number of packages will fall foul of compiler
      problems and the like which have been solved in 10.3-RELEASE.)

Yes, pkg(8) should issue prominent warnings when used on a system that
is out of support.  However, your best recourse is to update your
system, and then all of this grief will cease to bother you.



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