make makepatch

Christoph Brinkhaus c.brinkhaus at
Thu Oct 27 06:21:38 UTC 2016

On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 07:47:06AM +0200, Jochen Neumeister wrote:

Hello Jochen!

> I will update the net/wpa_gui.
> # portlint
> WARN: /usr/home/joneum/dev/ports/net/wpa_gui/files/patch-wpa_ctrl.c:
> patch was not generated using ``make makepatch''.  It is recommended to
> use ``make makepatch'' when you need to [re-]generate a patch to ensure
> proper patch format.
> 0 fatal errors and 1 warning found.

The proper way should be to restore the original file wpa_ctrl.c
as wps.ctrl.orig. Then "make makepatch" has something to compare
and should generate the patch file.
> okay, i use "make makepatch", and copy the files from
> "work/.makepatch-tmp/archived-patches" to the "/files" folder, and start
> portlint. But, the same.

For verification if everything is fine you should clean up
everything by "make clean". The port should be now as
original, but with your additional patch file.
Now portlint should accept the patch.

I hope I mentioned everything.

Kind regards,

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