make makepatch

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Thu Oct 27 06:20:32 UTC 2016


> # portlint
> WARN: /usr/home/joneum/dev/ports/net/wpa_gui/files/patch-wpa_ctrl.c:
> patch was not generated using ``make makepatch''.  It is recommended to
> use ``make makepatch'' when you need to [re-]generate a patch to ensure
> proper patch format.
> 0 fatal errors and 1 warning found.
> okay, i use "make makepatch", and copy the files from
> "work/.makepatch-tmp/archived-patches" to the "/files" folder, and start
> portlint. But, the same.
> what am i doing wrong?

make makepatch places the corrected files into files/ and
the prevision version to work/.makepatch-tmp/archived-patches.

So, I'd suggest:

make patch
make makepatch
mv work work.old
portlint -AC

and if portlint is silent, and all the necessary patches are in files/,
you're done.

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