make clean failes to cleanup everything

Gerhard Schmidt schmidt at
Tue Oct 4 07:52:33 UTC 2016


make clean fails to clean autoconf and automake.

If a port uses autoconf and autoconf isn't installed on the system, it
will be build and installed.

if you run make clean after installing the port, every dependency is
cleaned as well but not autoconf.

This should be not a problem (besides waste of discspace).

We do a pkg autoremove after installing to remove all packages that are
only build dependencies.

So the autoconf package will be removed.

Than later (days, weeks) you install another port that uses autoconf
the build brakes because autoconf is not found.

The problem is that in the autoconf ports dir everything says that
autoconf is already installed and make install does return without doing
anything an without failure (as expected).

A make clean in the autoconf dir does fix the porblem.

So why doesn't make clean of a port that uses autoconf don't do a make
clean in the autoconf port.


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