Resurrecting games/wmfortune (Was: Re: misc/jive deleted)

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Tue Nov 8 01:21:45 UTC 2016

> Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> > FYI in case newer than yours, Fonz, I have
> >   MD5 (9.2-RELEASE/wmfortune-0.241.tar.gz) =3D fa8db5d9a46d9afe7757f498c7=
> 81e8c9
> >   SHA256 (9.2-RELEASE/wmfortune-0.241.tar.gz) =3D b149067b7e3521f7e03354b=
> 12754baaf9c5556af4d286bbd6d169b1db9f6dba0
> >=20
> > It builds & run on my 9.2, I've not tried on current.
> That matches what I've got and appears to be the most recent, thanks.
> Considering the overly aggressive pruning of the ports tree that the
> Powers That Be have been conveying (but what to me rather more seems like
> attempting to perform intricate neurosurgery using a sledgehammer and a
> chainsaw), it's unlikely that a port which is no longer maintained
> upstream will be welcomed back into the tree, even though people are
> willing to maintain the port and host the distfiles. There probably needs
> to be some sort of alternative--or "underground" if you like--tree that
> can serve those ports that are not to the liking of a select few (and/or
> that have been taken away from the tolerant in order to appease the
> intolerant, such as in the misc/jive case). 

Agreed.  I will also contribute deleted working ports.

> I'm currently looking into
> what's the best way to go about setting up such a supplementary tree.

To prevent ports deleters further disruption, I created
& cc'd "FreeBSD Ports Resuscitation" <freebsd-ports at>

I can offer a FreeBSD server, space for + supplmentary
SVN trees, + ftp & http (as used for ) .

Initially non SVN'd last working copies would be something.
We'd next want SVN to maintain it. SVN is already installed on
server, I would need to add http support for SVN (suggestions welcome).
Hopefully others would volunteer for SVN admin & port meta data recovery.

Julian Stacey, BSD Linux Unix Sys Eng Consultant Munich
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