Reorganization of the py-sqlalchemy ports

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Fri May 20 09:12:29 UTC 2016

On 05/20/16 06:00, Shane Ambler wrote:
> Having a look at they show port install numbers of
> py27-sqlalchemy    9
> py27-sqlalchemy06  147
> py27-sqlalchemy08  1
> It may be worth considering keeping 0.6 for compatibility and drop 0.7,
> 0.8, 0.9

Having so many ports depend on something that is no-longer supported
up-stream is not a good idea,

As I said, working out what the dependency requirements are for all
those ports is something that will need to happen as the next step in
this project.  I see no need to hold up this first stage because of that
-- with the reorganised sqlalchemy ports in place, each of the
dependency ports can be examined independently and updated separately.

If it does turn out that significant numbers of ports really do only
work with sqlalchemy 0.6.x  (which I doubt, but I have no empirical data
on either) then that port can be de-expired easily enough.



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