Is the kmymoney port broken?

Raphael Kubo da Costa rakuco at
Tue Mar 22 14:30:14 UTC 2016

CC'ing the list again.

Christian Baer <christian.baer at> writes:
> On 03/22/16 11:05, Raphael Kubo da Costa wrote:
> Hello Raphael, thanks for your reply!
>> Do you have kdelibs-4.14.3_6 installed? My initial guess is that you
>> haven't recompiled kdelibs after its header locations were changed and
>> those files are still in
>> ${PORTSDIR}/work/stage/usr/local/include/kmymoney/ instead of
>> include/kde4/kmymoney.
> That is a possibility. :-)
> I actually installed KDE via 'pkg install', along with just about
> everything else I have running on this machine at the moment - and I
> recently (not quite two weeks ago) upgraded everything, including KDE4.
> The ports tree I rebuilt completely (rm -rf /usr/ports and svn checkout)
> before compiling KMymoney. So if it the kdelibs were built in the
> process, they should have been built with new settings. However, it is
> possible that they were already installed.

It's easy to check: pkg info kdelibs. The version field should say
4.14.3_6. If you've just built kmymoney I'd assume it would require that
new version though. Please also make sure your Mk/ is at
r411201 or later.

> Sorry about the dumb question (I'm just not so deep into this stuff):
> What do you mean with the header locations were changed. I am guessing
> this means the position within the directory-tree. Is that correct? And
> if so, can I just change it by recompiling and reinstalling the kdelibs
> without screwing up other stuff currently installed?

Yes, I am referring to this commit I made a week ago:

Which made kdelibs (and several ports that depend on it) install its
headers into /usr/local/include/kde4 instead of /usr/local/include.

You can try recompiling x11/kdelibs4 after making sure both the port and are at their latest versions, but I think it should have
already happened when you tried building kmymoney.

A few other things you can try in order to rule out other possibilities:
- After building kmymoney, run `find work -name importinterface.h' to
  check where the header was staged.
- See if resetting your build options (make rmconfig) makes any

It would also be helpful if you could attach your whole build log if the
problem persists.

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