print/cups overhaul (PR 207746) side-effects

Martin Waschbüsch martin at
Fri Mar 11 19:52:14 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I just did a rebuild of packages for my webservers with poudriere.
What I noticed was that via the print/cups overhaul (see PR 207746),
quite a lot (>50) of additional dependencies are added to the system, including
lots of x11 related libs, avahi, dbus, cairo, opengl, etc.

This stems from installing pecl-imagick which results in pulling in ImageMagick,
ghostscript, and cups.

Now, of course I can manually remove port options and reduce the number
of additional dependencies, but I feel uneasy about the defaults now.

If I wanted to adjust an existing port to be less greedy with regards to dependencies,
how would I go about that? Create a slave port?

Thoughts, anyone?


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