Bryan Drewery bdrewery at FreeBSD.org
Fri Mar 11 17:47:03 UTC 2016

On 3/10/2016 5:37 AM, O. Hartmann wrote:
> env MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/some/place poudriere jail -c -j 10-stable-amd64 \
> -a amd64 -v stable/10 -m src=/somesrc/srcplace/
> In poudriere.conf I added 
> as recommended in some posts I found googling for a solution. Please
> have in mind that I use csh - the export and poudriere's environment is
> obviously sh.
> This fails, the PATH is always cut down to /somesrc/srcplace/, missing
> the prepending portion taken from MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX - it is set to zero
> length it seems. Ommitting env MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/some/place to the
> poudriere command as shown above results in "usr/obj" being prepended.
> This seems odd!
> The only sollution to this was to give the specific jail its private
> 10-stable-amd64-poudriere.conf. But this seems to be not the correct
> way to do so, since  MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX is supposed to be set in the
> environment.
> What am I missing here?

The poudriere command clears the environment except for PATH and TERM.
A 10-stable-amd64-poudriere.conf with export MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=value
would work.

Bryan Drewery

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