Re:?==?utf-8?q? devel/sope: make (stage-qa) now fails with DEVELOPER=yes complaining about iconv dependency

Euan Thoms euan at
Sat Jul 16 00:40:05 UTC 2016

On Friday, July 15, 2016 14:27 SGT, mokhi <mokhi64 at> wrote: 
> > I'll look into this as soon as I can
> Okay :) thanks
> As I'm maintainer of mysql57, someone mailed me logs of that problem,
> AFAIK There's no problem for mysql56 but it happens when 57 is found
> instead of 56
> Thanks and regards, Mokhi.
Mokhi, a bit off topic but I'm just installing the mysql57-client port and the mysql-boost tarball fails on the first few mirrors, and even when one works (below) it's very slow download. Hard to believe a project like MySQL has such slow mirrors. This server is located in Singapore, but the speeds should not be explained by distance or route.
Regards, Euan Thoms 

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