A few problems with Gitlab

Vlad K. vlad-fbsd at acheronmedia.com
Sun Jul 10 19:27:21 UTC 2016

This is the first time I'm trying to install Gitlab and first time I 
have to do anything with a Ruby application. So I'm not sure if these 
problems are due to my misconfiguration, or a few bug reports to be 

1. Unicorn does not start, fails at trying to symlink 
.gitlab_shell_secret into /usr/local/shared/gitlab-shell/

I assume that's because it's running as user "git" and the above shared 
dir is owned by root:wheel. Symlinking manually allows Unicorn to start.

2. The user "git" has home in /usr/local/www/gitlab, but there's a repos 
dir created under /home/git, which is not a symlink to /usr/home, while 
at the same time default config for gitlab_shell.repos_path is 

This I found having followed the official documentation, step 
"Initialize Database and Activate Advanced Features", which failed at 
trying to create a root repo under /usr/home which doesn't exist.

3. After all this, trying to load up the application via https. Times 
out, I get 502. While it is timing out I can see:

- the database is idle in transaction on two queries
- the "node" process eats up 100%+ of WCPU

  1681 git           6  22    0   762M   167M usem     0:06 117.97% node

- this "usem" state looks like a semaphore, so I reduced the Unicorn 
workers to 1, thinking that would help at least to get it going, but it 

- no error logged anywhere except gitlab-workhorse.log which logs the 

2016/07/10 19:23:01 error: proxyRoundTripper: GET 
"/users/password/edit?reset_password_token=gFAktGuSGtRZp3vAyytZ" failed 
with: "EOF"
2016/07/10 19:23:01 ErrorPage: serving predefined error page: 502

Yes, the initial visit to the app root redirects to /users/password/edit 
which times out. Any suggestions what I should try next?


Vlad K.

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