Samba43 install error

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Wed Dec 28 16:57:04 UTC 2016

On 12/28/16 15:33, Adam Weinberger wrote:
> OpenLDAP support is an absolute mess and is not handled well here. samba asks for a SASL-enabled OpenLDAP, but the mandatory ldb dependency brings in non-SASL OpenLDAP. The ADS knob also brings in OpenLDAP but never tells you about it.
> Until this is properly fixed, you'll need to disable both the LDAP and ADS options.

I seem to have solved with:
> pkg delete openldap-client
> portupgrade -RN openldap-sasl-client
> portupgrade -RN samba43

Did I do a mess?

  bye & Thanks

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