Custom base jails for ZFS replication

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Wed Dec 21 08:05:28 UTC 2016

Quoting Randy Westlund <rwestlun at> (from Wed, 21 Dec 2016  
00:59:23 -0500):

> Is there a jail management tool that lets you install packages in a base
> jail, and share that with multiple thin jails?
> I want to deploy many thin jails across multiple servers, and be able to
> update both the base system and ports in a base jail and then ZFS
> replicate that to the base jails on the production servers.  I'd like
> the thin jails to only contain my customer-specific application data, so
> I don't have to manually update all of them.
> I don't see any way to do this with ezjail or iocage.  Does anyone else
> have a deployment like this?

I don't but what about this idea (should work with ezjail and iocage  
with a little bit of manual work):
  - create an usr/local in the base-area
  - create a jail just for installation of the packages you want
  - mount the usr/local area from the base-area as read-write instead  
of read-only in this install-jail (one time config action in ezjail,  
not sure about iocage... maybe once in the fstab of the jail as a  
null-mount if it doesn't clone everything automatically, or every time  
as unmount+null-mount if it clones automatically)
  - install in the install-jail what you need
  - have the usr/local mounted read-only from all other jails  
(respectively cloned in the iocage case)


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