The ports collection has some serious issues

Peter Jeremy peter at
Mon Dec 19 06:48:54 UTC 2016

On 2016-Dec-17 20:16:12 -0600, John Marino < at> wrote:
>On 12/17/2016 19:35, Peter Jeremy wrote:
>> $ cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/synth/ && make
>> [ about an hour of grinding away elided ]
>> ===>   ini_file_manager-03_2 depends on file: /usr/local/gcc6-aux/bin/ada - not found
>> ===>  gcc6-aux-20160822 is only for amd64 i386, while you are running armv6.
>> Overall, a total failure.
>> OTOH, portmaster installs in a minute or so and runs perfectly well.  I fail
>> to see why you are so insistant on replacing it with something that doesn't
>> work at all.
>Real smooth there, Slick.
>It's been mentioned several times in this thread alone that Ada is only 
>available for i386 and amd64.

Not in this thread, no it hasn't.  I went digging and found that it has been
mentions in some of the other 7 separate "The ports collection has some
serious issues" that you have started.

> I think you already knew that

Well, I pointed it out to you in February this year and after 10 months,
nothing has changed, including your persistent desire to get rid of
portmaster, despite the fact that synth is not a suitable replacement.

>and thus 
>this is a pure troll.

I insist that you retract that insult.  In this thread, without any
qualification, you stated that anyone who used portmaster or portupgrade
should swap to synth, and gave a process which you know will only work on
i386 and amd64.

>Use poudriere for non-x86 platforms.  armv6 packages are built with 
>poudriere + QEMU, but I suspect you already knew this as well.

I haven't investigated because I haven't had the the need to.

Peter Jeremy
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