Dropping enigmail support from enigmail

Martin Birgmeier la5lbtyi at aon.at
Sat Dec 17 21:08:43 UTC 2016

After upgrading to thunderbird-45.5.1_6 I noticed that enigmail (and
lightning) support were gone from thunderbird. I tried to find a
replacement package until I read the svn log message:

gecko: drop ENIGMAIL, LIGHTNING to simplify updates
ENIGMAIL can still return as www/xpi-enigmail but, alas, xpi-* ports and
their framework are mostly unmaintained.

So this means that after a simple PORTREVISION change I cannot send,
receive, or reread encrypted mails any more.

I think a decision to remove such an essential component should not be
taken so lightly, especially when the actual port version (45.5.1) has
not even changed.

What is being planned to remedy this unfortunate situation?

-- Martin

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