The ports collection has some serious issues

John Marino at
Sat Dec 17 15:24:16 UTC 2016

 From Thomas Mueller:
>> From John Marino:
>> Starting with a clean system: 1) install synth from binary package
>> from official freebsd builder (a single
>> package) 2) Configure synth if necessary 3) command synth to build
>> itself 4) pkg delete synth (system is once again clean) 5) pkg add -F
>> /path/to/synth/packages/synth-*
>> Now you have a system containing s/w built by itself. On an modest
>> system less than 4 years old, it might take 30 minutes at most.
> I believe you could cd $PORTSDIR/ports-mgmt/synth and
> make package-recursive |& tee build-12amd64.log (or whatever you want to
> name the log file; this example if for shell tcsh)?

That installs build dependencies on the system.  That would be no better 
than running portmaster the first time.  If you run the process I 
suggested, you'll end up with a self-hosted machine with no extra stuff 

> For a system with pkgng, is there any difference in package format
> between "make install", portmaster and portupgrade?

There shouldn't be, the ports framework is responsible for creating the 

> If your system already has portmaster, you could portmaster
> ports-mgmt/synth |& tee synth-12amd64.log?
> And then switch from portmaster to synth for all further ports
> builds/updates?

Although it will still be dirty from portmaster so at that point you 
would gather a "prime list" of packages, feed thoughs into synth to 
create a local repository, remove all packages from the system and 
re-install them with the "prime list" and the new local repository.

> It would not be necessary to start with a clean system for FreeBSD, as
> opposed to NetBSD, or am I mistaken here?

No, you can start anytime but I do recommend the procedure above to 
ensure the system is in good shape and doesn't contain unnecessary 
package installations.


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