The ports collection has some serious issues

Roger Marquis marquis at
Fri Dec 16 16:39:32 UTC 2016

John Marino wrote:
> From porters handbook, section 12.15:
> "It is possible to set DEPRECATED without an EXPIRATION_DATE (for instance, 
> recommending a newer version of the port)

I'd consider that to be a bug.

> So it's not a contradiction.  Ports that have a specific removal date must 
> have EXPIRATION_DATE set.  If you say, well DEPRECATION implies removal, I'd 
> agree, but it's at an indefinite time and I'd say that time would come when 
> portmaster no longer works on the current ports tree. When that happens (and 
> it probably will happen) then EXPIRATION can be set.

Non-standard uses of the term "deprecated" are problematic from a
usability perspective.  Since there is currently no deprecation messages
(apologies for the misunderstanding, I haven't used portmaster) at least
(TZ) add an install-time WARNING so we can avoid misleading potential
portmaster users (and related mailing lists threads/topics).


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