The ports collection has some serious issues

Torfinn Ingolfsen tingox at
Sat Dec 17 13:22:48 UTC 2016

On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 3:45 PM, John Marino < at> wrote:
>> I won't say "never". But I feel that both package builders (poudriere,
>> synth) need some more time to shake out more issues / bugs and get
>> into a better shape first. This isn't based on any specific problems
>> or bugs, more a "felleing2 based on people's feedback in the forums
>> and on mailing lists.

FWIW, the above was written by me, not by Peter Jeremy - the quoting
got a bit messed up here.

> I insist that you base this on "specific problems".  Speaking for Synth,
> there are no known bugs in it.  There are no pending issues with existing
> features.  It is updated frequently.  AFAIK poudriere is updated regularly
> as well.  The above is an accusation that you absolutely must back up with
> fact because it's basically defamation.

Defamation? Accusation? Strong words, and not my intention at all.
First of all - anyone can create what he or she wants. And he or she
can use whatever logic, reasoning or other means (marketing for
example) to get people to use that creation. If people like the
creation they will use it, based on their own criteria for using it -
not necessarily based on *anything* the creator of said creation has
presented at all. Unless the creator is a controlling authority (a
government creating new laws that require that everybody drive on the
right side of the road for example) he or she can't force anyone to
use that creation. And no, it doesn't matter if the creation is the
best such creation in the world and it has benchmarks to back it up.

Now, regarding synth: as I have already said, I have no special
interest in package builders. I do need a tool to build and install
the ports I use, and my current tool (portupgrade or manual building)
still works for that.
I might try synth in the future sometime, but for tools that I have no
special interest in, I prefer that they are a bit more mature. I use
my own "metric" to measure maturity of a tool - I read users's
feedback in forums and mailinglists, and filter out PEBCACs and other
"new user - new tool" issues. Based on that, I will consider using a
tool when the discussions around it has quieted down to a reasonable
level. All subjective, all by my own standards.

If you still find this though to handle and an accusation, my
suggestion would be for you to take a long holiday break from
computers and spend time with friends and family.
Best wishes for the holidays for everyone!
Torfinn Ingolfsen

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