The ports collection has some serious issues

Grzegorz Junka list1 at
Sat Dec 17 14:52:20 UTC 2016

On 17/12/2016 13:22, Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 3:45 PM, John Marino < at> wrote:
> Now, regarding synth: as I have already said, I have no special
> interest in package builders. I do need a tool to build and install
> the ports I use, and my current tool (portupgrade or manual building)
> still works for that.
> I might try synth in the future sometime, but for tools that I have no
> special interest in, I prefer that they are a bit more mature. I use
> my own "metric" to measure maturity of a tool - I read users's
> feedback in forums and mailinglists, and filter out PEBCACs and other
> "new user - new tool" issues. Based on that, I will consider using a
> tool when the discussions around it has quieted down to a reasonable
> level. All subjective, all by my own standards.
> If you still find this though to handle and an accusation, my
> suggestion would be for you to take a long holiday break from
> computers and spend time with friends and family.
> Best wishes for the holidays for everyone!

I believe the main point is that portupgrade/portmaster shouldn't be 
used by default by newcomers to FreeBSD. It easily breaks and if you 
have no knowledge about the system, you will post questions to this 
list, which seems to be annoying people.

I tried to used portupgrade/portmaster in the past and whereas it's fine 
with small amount of packages, is unusable when there is a few hundred 
or thousand of them installed. Very often the build was leaving my 
system messed up because some port only partially build and half of the 
dependencies were reinstalled and the other half were not. There is no 
undo in those tools. It's essentially press enter and pray.


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