Best way to submit a port upgrade

Bob Eager rde at
Sat Apr 23 23:56:29 UTC 2016

Background: I have created various ports, but I have never upgraded one
to a new version (i.e. from a new distfile) before.

I now have an upgrade to a new version of the port. I have:

- Updated Makefile
- Updated pkg-plist
- Updated distinfo
- New files in files/
- New patches in files/

I am slightly unsure how to submit this. The options seem to be:

a) A recursive diff (I know about 'port diff').
b) An svn diff

The svn diff is more work but if it is much preferred then I can do it.

However, what about comments on each of my changes? Should there be
annotation on what I have done, and how do I specify that in the PR?

Sorry - I know these are basic questions. I am experienced in general,
but not in submitting port upgrades!

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