Strangenesses with package dependencies

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at
Thu Apr 7 08:04:49 UTC 2016

Bug 208575 describes a problem installing the hugin package: most of
the dependencies didn't get installed.  It works fine building the
port from source, and neither I nor edwin@ (ex-mentor) can work out
why.  Here's what I get when I try 'pkg install hugin' on my test box:

  FreeBSD 10.3-STABLE FreeBSD 10.3-STABLE #0: Thu Apr  7 13:13:03 AEST 2016     root at  amd64

  New packages to be INSTALLED:
        hugin: 2016.0.0_1
        p5-Image-ExifTool: 10.10
        vigra: 1.11.0
        hdf5: 1.8.15_1
        fftw3-float: 3.3.3_2

In /usr/ports/graphics/hugin, make run-depends-list lists all the

Looking at the package
the file +MANIFEST contains the names of all the dependencies.  After
replacing , with \n, I get stuff like:


All the missing dependencies are listed in +MANIFEST.  I don't know
enough about the format to determine if something's wrong, but
currently this looks like a pkg issue to me.

Any thoughts?  Anything else I can try?  The package is very new
(2016-Apr-07 01:59), not quite 6 hours old.  And yes, I've checked
that the problem still occurs with this version.

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