does not so "happy eyes" or even fail-over from IPv6 to IPv4

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Thu Sep 10 16:01:49 UTC 2015

On 09/10/15 16:52, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Today I was unable to update my ports repo. I kept getting timeouts from
> After some troubleshooting I discovered that IPv6 was
> down. Some sort of Comcast issue that was successful in configuring my
> router for IPv6 , but not actually providing IPv6 service. (In all honesty,
> I suspect the IPv6 code in my D-Link router.)
> In any case, IPv4 was up and running, but svn seems to fail to aver try the
> IPv4 address. pkg (on other systems) did connect via IPv4 to update
> packages after a long delay for the IPv6 access to timeout, but svn simply
> failed.
> Is this an issue with the subversion client or with the FreeBSD geoDNS
> setup?
> I now have IPv6 running after rebooting both my cable modem and my router,
> but this really should just work.

It's likely a problem with Internet connectivity affecting traffic
between different bits of the FreeBSD cluster.  This is expected, and
due to a bunch of network hardware being replaced right about now.

Give it a few hours and try again.



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