does not so "happy eyes" or even fail-over from IPv6 to IPv4

Kevin Oberman rkoberman at
Thu Sep 10 15:52:11 UTC 2015

Today I was unable to update my ports repo. I kept getting timeouts from After some troubleshooting I discovered that IPv6 was
down. Some sort of Comcast issue that was successful in configuring my
router for IPv6 , but not actually providing IPv6 service. (In all honesty,
I suspect the IPv6 code in my D-Link router.)

In any case, IPv4 was up and running, but svn seems to fail to aver try the
IPv4 address. pkg (on other systems) did connect via IPv4 to update
packages after a long delay for the IPv6 access to timeout, but svn simply

Is this an issue with the subversion client or with the FreeBSD geoDNS

I now have IPv6 running after rebooting both my cable modem and my router,
but this really should just work.
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