ffmpeg0 (was: Re: ZoneMinder /zmu dies on FreeBSD 10.2)

Violet violet at sm.msk.ru
Thu Oct 1 12:19:14 UTC 2015


Looks like we need to update ffmpeg0 to some current version.

Looked at it and did not understand - there really is v.0.7.17 in use
while the modern is 2.8 or I miss something?

Please   point   me   to   a  right  source  and I will try to compile
those libraries.

You wrote at 2015-09-29, 20:12:41:

> Hi!

>> Trying to get run zoneminder-1.25.0_7 built from ports on
>> FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p3 #0 r288111 (AMD64)
>> The `zmu' routine permanently dies getting signal 11, no matter how started.
>> Could anybody point me where to dig?
>> As for now there is a stable release 1.28.1, as of February 14th, 2015
>> ( http://www.zoneminder.com/downloads ).
>> Is  it  worth  for  me  to try to update the port to that release and see
>> whether  it  still  fails,  or  it would be better to try to debug the
>> curent port?

> Please try 1.28.1, if it still happens, at least we debug in recent
> code 8-} 1.25 is from 2011...

> Please have a look at

> https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=190268

> where someone already worked on an update.

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