Fixing a busted ports area

Dave Horsfall dave at
Tue Mar 24 05:26:41 UTC 2015

FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p10 (GENERIC) #0: Tue Feb 24 21:01:19 UTC 2015

The ports area is broken, due to what I guess was a mangled upgrade path 
from FreeBSD 8.x.  For example, when installing cups-client, I get:

pkg-static: pkgconf-0.9.7 conflicts with pkg-config-0.25_1 (installs files 
into the same place).  Problematic file: /usr/local/bin/pkg-config
*** [fake-pkg] Error code 70

It's not clear to me how to fix this.  Is the simplest way to just remove 
(or move) /usr/ports, install it from CD, then upgrade?  I have quite a 
few ports installed.

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