Fixing a busted ports area

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Tue Mar 24 05:39:03 UTC 2015

On Tue, 24 Mar 2015 16:26:30 +1100 (EST) Dave Horsfall <dave at>

> FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p10 (GENERIC) #0: Tue Feb 24 21:01:19 UTC 2015
> The ports area is broken, due to what I guess was a mangled upgrade path 
> from FreeBSD 8.x.  For example, when installing cups-client, I get:
> pkg-static: pkgconf-0.9.7 conflicts with pkg-config-0.25_1 (installs files 
> into the same place).  Problematic file: /usr/local/bin/pkg-config
> *** [fake-pkg] Error code 70
> It's not clear to me how to fix this.  Is the simplest way to just remove 
> (or move) /usr/ports, install it from CD, then upgrade?  I have quite a 
> few ports installed.
You haven't been too specific as to your upgrade path.
But sometimes it's as easy as changing to the offending
ports folder, and issuing a make deinstall. Then attempting
whatever upgrade procedure you following at the time of the
However, if this same type of error persists unreasonably.
You may require more drastic measures, to overcome the issue(s).

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