net/samba4* build dependencies

Horatiu MOLDOVAN dreamx at
Mon Jun 15 15:56:29 UTC 2015

On 12/06/2015 23:58, Dimitry Andric wrote:
> On 10 Jun 2015, at 22:19, Horatiu MOLDOVAN <dreamx at> wrote:
>> Trying to replace samba 3.6 i've observed some disturbing things on samba 4.x build:
>> - security/cyrus-sasl2, security/libgcrypt and security/gnutls are mandatory lib dependencies - is there a reason to add garbage to the system?
> Apparently it is still a TODO, the Makefile has this comment, just
> before pulling in those dependencies:
> # XXX: Unconditional dependencies which can't be switched off (if present
> # in the system)
> As far as dependencies on gnutls (and its dependencies like libgcrypt)
> go, it looks like samba implements its TLS support using these.  As a
> GPL project, I don't think they support using e.g. OpenSSL instead.  And
> you could say that OpenSSL is in its own class of "garbage". :-)
> That said, the TLS support seems to be required only for ADS support, so
> turning ADS off should ideally also turn off the gnutls dependencies.
> Similarly, SASL seems to be required for ADS too, but it isn't disabled
> if you disable ADS, so that is another feature that could be improved in
> the Makefile.
>> - OpenLDAP is built unconditionally regardless of the LDAP option setting - again, is there a reason to add more garbage to the system?
> This is because the Makefile unconditionally requires databases/ldb, and
> that port in turn unconditionally requires openldap... :-(
> So probably the best option would be to automatically disable ldb
> support, if ldap support is turned off.
>> not sure why dns/py-dnspython is a build dependency...
> It looks like samba's build system (based on waf) uses this during the
> build.  See the lib/wscript_build file in the work directory.  I have
> no idea why samba wants to do DNS lookups during its build, which is
> rather strange.
> -Dimitry

Thank you for clarifying these, guess i'll just have to make a temporary 
patch to the Makefile until these are addressed.


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