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Tom Pusateri pusateri at
Sun Jun 7 16:59:38 UTC 2015

> On Jun 6, 2015, at 11:26 PM, Alberto Mijares <amijaresp at> wrote:
> 3) When installing lua5.2, the pkg-config files refer to it as
> "lua-5.2" instead of "lua5.2". Is there any specific reason for that?
> configure script looks for lua5.2 and it fails. I thing everything
> around is going to look for that name. Unless there's any reason to
> keep it as it is, can you help me to change the name in *.pc files?
> Alberto Mijares

I used the configure m4 macros for Lua linked below and it is able to find all variations of lua.

I put the ax_lua.m4 file in my m4 directory and then added the following lines to my


                   if test x"$LUA_LIB" = x; then
                       AC_MSG_ERROR([Lua library not found.])
                   fi],[AC_MSG_WARN([Lua interpreter not found.])])


Hope this helps,

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