Question and requirement

Alberto Mijares amijaresp at
Sun Jun 7 03:26:54 UTC 2015

Hi guys,

I'm currently working on a port for the latest version of FreeSWITCH.
So far, in the process to compile and make it run, I've seen 3 things:

1) There is no package for libyuv. I'll be packaging it when I have
freeswitch up and running.
2) Requires libvpx-1.4, so the version in FreeBSD needs to be updated
(currently 1.3).
3) When installing lua5.2, the pkg-config files refer to it as
"lua-5.2" instead of "lua5.2". Is there any specific reason for that?
configure script looks for lua5.2 and it fails. I thing everything
around is going to look for that name. Unless there's any reason to
keep it as it is, can you help me to change the name in *.pc files?

That's all for now. Please CC-me in case you need to reply this email
and I should read it.


Alberto Mijares

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