updating alpine port to new version (as a maintainer)

Marco Beishuizen mbeis at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 17 22:35:46 UTC 2015

On Sat, 17 Jan 2015, the wise Scot Hetzel wrote:

Well, problems with the maildir patch seem to have dissappeared, but I'm 
not there yet. Alpine compiles, but the problems with the plist remain. 
I'll look further into the Makefile and see if I can solve this.

The current error is:

====> Compressing man pages (compress-man)
====> Running Q/A tests (stage-qa)
====> Checking for pkg-plist issues (check-plist)
===> Parsing plist
===> Checking for items in STAGEDIR missing from pkg-plist
Error: Orphaned: %%PORTDOCS%%%%DOCSDIR%%/tech-notes.txt
===> Checking for items in pkg-plist which are not in STAGEDIR
Error: Missing: %%DOCSDIR%%/tech-notes/tech-notes.txt
===> Error: Plist issues found.
*** Error code 1


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