Roger Marquis marquis at
Wed Jan 14 16:31:17 UTC 2015

Mathieu Arnold wrote:
> | That leaves the issue of cross-platform compatibility, which is still
> | broken without REPLACE_BASE.  What about those of us who support
> | environments that aren't BSD monocultures?
> By using the named_conf variable in /etc/rc.conf ?

That enables configuration compatibility but doesn't address binaries or
their PATHs.

Named perhaps isn't the best example of a port with cross-platform
issues.  Postfix, OTOH, is a different animal.  I spent countless hours
trying to accommodate the default BSD PREFIX, usually just installing
from source without using ports, before paying Doug to write a patch for
postfix' INST_BASE option.  That investment has paid of manyfold over the
years.  Even more effort was put into porting freepbx but that effort
failed specifically due to cross-platform (PREFIX) issues, resulting in
several RH servers in an otherwise BSD shop.


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