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Wed Jan 14 04:16:51 UTC 2015

On Tue, 13 Jan 2015 19:11:50 -0800 (PST) Roger Marquis <marquis at>

> > The dialog option you talk about says:
> >   [ ] REPLACE_BASE    EOL, no longer supported
> > I'm quite sure the end-user you're talking about can get a clue from it,
> > and if he either already had selected it before, or he just selected it, he
> > will get:
> >  ===>  bind99-9.9.6P1_3 REPLACE_BASE is no longer supported.
> > The end-user can then get another clue and maybe unselect it.
> Maybe you're right but, to perhaps better illustrate the point, you would
> never see something like this in Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat, or SuSE.
Honestly. Need I remind you, this is FreeBSD, *not* Linux?
In all honesty, I am *not* pleased with the current efforts to
turn the FreeBSD motto "The Power to Serve" into
"FreeBSD, it's the new Linux". But I [begrudgingly] understand the
inclination to do so.
That said. While I understand your inclination to think FreeBSD
must somehow be broken, when it doesn't operate as you're accustomed
with Linux. This is FreeBSD, after all, and as hard as everyone works
to eliminate the element of surprise, this is still FreeBSD.
So celebrate the difference. Don't curse it, or more importantly;
it's hard working developers. :)

> Roger
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