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> Hi!
> > customizations you need available.  If the default options don't cut it
> > for you, in order to use only binary packages that means you need to run
> > your own poudriere setup -- which is well worth it if you're managing
> > several machines / jails etc.
> poudriere allows you to manage several seperate pkg trees with different
> options, so you can:
> - build a default tree (and pkg repo), provide it to all generic hosts
> - build a seperate tree (and pkg repo) with modified options, and
>   provide it to the special hosts
I use a similar, but somewhat different strategy. Which works
nice if you have any spare hardware available.
I simply use a fresh install of whatever RELEASE/RELENG I'm chasing.
 * create a dump(8) to external storage
 * build/install (custom) world/kernel
 * (batch) build install clean ports with desired options
 * dump to external storage

 * restore to target host/machine
and as Kurt mentioned; flash/SSD media *is* the way to go! :)

I ended up going this route because I found the builds ran
quicker, and it all ended up being a bit "tidier". Also makes it
trivial to "rollback" to any chosen revision.

> It helps to keep the poudriere build tree on fast flash/SSD drives 8-}
> This all works and is very, very good! Thanks for the work!
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