Jeffrey Bouquet jeffreybouquet at
Wed Jan 14 12:27:54 UTC 2015

On 01/13/15 07:55, Kurt Jaeger wrote:
> Hi!
>> customizations you need available.  If the default options don't cut it
>> for you, in order to use only binary packages that means you need to run
>> your own poudriere setup -- which is well worth it if you're managing
>> several machines / jails etc.
> poudriere allows you to manage several seperate pkg trees with different
> options, so you can:
> - build a default tree (and pkg repo), provide it to all generic hosts
> - build a seperate tree (and pkg repo) with modified options, and
>   provide it to the special hosts
> It helps to keep the poudriere build tree on fast flash/SSD drives 8-}
> This all works and is very, very good! Thanks for the work!
As I probably won't ever know enough from experience, if one wants a
local lan
build tool is there any flowchart with use cases

1... foo foo bar use case >> tinderbox
2... foo foo bar use case >> build jail
3... foo foo bar use case >> bhyve
4... foo foo bar use case >> poudriere
5... foo foo bar use case >> csbd OR qjail OR ezjail OR man jail OR
bastille script
6... foo foo bar use case >> server on lan serving packages

And where they may overlap, which takes the least setup time, which
takes the
least maintenance time, which can be most easily migrated version >
version ...

Not to mention the wiki, but if that information was "[some term ] use
cases" like
virtualization or multi-machine or... on the page
prominently, it may
result in a larger userbase... more coders onboard.

Recognizing that a lot of this is emerging technology.  Apologies.  I've
a slight
interest in reading any such document, having read an hour or so
yesterday not
a few htm explaining jails, (10 pages of threads linked from
a search 'ezjail' in the forums, for example) to know that acquiring the
expertise of
a quickstart group of terms to focus on in any particular scenario is
something I don't
easily expect to acquire.

On the other hand, to include the wiki... vs links from it.

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