emulators/pipelight failing to build

Fred Woods fred.woods at mcnhealthcare.com
Sun Jan 4 19:20:02 UTC 2015

What version of gpg and libgcrypt are you using (gpg --version)?

Seems to work with gpg 2.1.0 and libgcrypt 1.6.1.

However, online docs for gpg seem to indicate --verify is being used wrong
in the Makefile in the port working directory.

–verify [[=sigfile=] [=signed-files=]]

Assume that sigfile is a signature and verify it without generating any
output. With no arguments, the signature packet is read from stdin (it may
be a detached signature when not used in batch mode). If only a sigfile is
given, it may be a complete signature or a detached signature, in which
case the signed stuff is expected in a file without the ".sig" or ".asc"
extension (if such a file does not exist it is expected at stdin; use a
single dash ("-") as filename to force a read from stdin). With more than 1
argument, the first should be a detached signature and the remaining files
are the signed stuff.

Which seems to be inline with the error you are seeing.

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