emulators/pipelight failing to build

Ricky Gallamore ricky1252 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 17:43:24 UTC 2015

I am currently trying to build this port and I am getting the following

*gmake[2]: Leaving directory
*/usr/local/bin/gpg --batch --no-default-keyring --keyring
"share/sig-pluginloader.gpg" --verify "pluginloader-v0.2.7.3.tar.gz.sig"*
*gpg: Warning: using insecure memory!*
*gpg: no signed data*
*gpg: can't hash datafile: No data*
*Makefile:72: recipe for target 'prebuilt32' failed*
*gmake[1]: *** [prebuilt32] Error 2*
*gmake[1]: Leaving directory
**** Error code 1*

*any idea how to fix this?*


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