multimedia/libva fails in configure stage, missing file?

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Fri Jan 2 12:39:03 UTC 2015

> Unluckily I've been unable to reproduce the failure on my system. Here I
> get all the warnings except automake does not die.

> Could you test some other port which uses automake? For example
> multimedia/libvdpau or textproc/libucl or net-mgmt/collectd5...

> Do these work correctly?

I tried multimedia/libvdpau since it was on the list of ports to be built or updated in connection with png.

It quickly failed on automake.

So I guess automake is not working.

I checked 

pkg info -r automake
and got nothing, likewise nothing for autoconf.

So I wonder why/how it was installed.  I might have done it because it was listed as a requirement for cross-compiling Haiku.

I also wonder how I got so far with the ports prior to this ill sequel to upgrading png.

I see automake is at v1.14.1 upstream, since December 2013.

I'm very surprised how few FreeBSD ports use automake and autoconf, maybe autoconf and automake are used more in Linux?

I have an old 10.0-STABLE installation with no ports/packages built yet, maybe I could try something on that regarding automake and autoconf?


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