multimedia/libva fails in configure stage, missing file?

Guido Falsi madpilot at
Fri Jan 2 17:55:41 UTC 2015

On 01/02/15 13:32, Thomas Mueller wrote:
>> Unluckily I've been unable to reproduce the failure on my system. Here I
>> get all the warnings except automake does not die.
>> Could you test some other port which uses automake? For example
>> multimedia/libvdpau or textproc/libucl or net-mgmt/collectd5...
>> Do these work correctly?
> I tried multimedia/libvdpau since it was on the list of ports to be built or updated in connection with png.
> It quickly failed on automake.
> So I guess automake is not working.
> I checked 
> pkg info -r automake
> and got nothing, likewise nothing for autoconf.
> So I wonder why/how it was installed.  I might have done it because it was listed as a requirement for cross-compiling Haiku.

automake has no dependencies. It requires only base system.

Most probably your automake executable is Ok, but you have some
wrong/stale/corrupt file in /usr/local/share/aclocal. These files are
"included" by it and if they fail, automake will fail.

Finding it is not easy. You can try listing them and checking if the
oldest ones belong to any port with "pkg which". Any file not dbelonging
to a port/pkg in that directory is suspect.

> I also wonder how I got so far with the ports prior to this ill sequel to upgrading png.
> I see automake is at v1.14.1 upstream, since December 2013.
> I'm very surprised how few FreeBSD ports use automake and autoconf, maybe autoconf and automake are used more in Linux?

It's not used much since most software comes with a precompiled
configure script which works fine. automake/autoconf is required only by
those ports which come without a precompiled configure script or for
some reason require it to be recompiled on FreeBSD.

> I have an old 10.0-STABLE installation with no ports/packages built yet, maybe I could try something on that regarding automake and autoconf?

You could try but you really shoud investigate why automake dies on your

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