Generating port changes easily

Kubilay Kocak koobs at
Sat Feb 28 07:34:53 UTC 2015

On 28/02/2015 3:35 AM, Patrick Powell wrote:
> I have made some modifications to a port - couple of lines in the
> Makefile,  and an updated pkg-plist.
> Once upon a time I was shown a script (run_this_script?) to help with
> updating a port.
> 1.  Copy the original files in the port to XXX.orig  (or something)
>       For example cp Makefile Makefile.orig
> 2.  Make your changes
>       For example: vi Makefile  ....
> 3.  Now run this script which will generate a DIFF file which can be
> posted:
>       run_this_script ... >/tmp/changes.shar  ?
>       run_this_script ... >/tmp/diffs                 ?
> 4.  Post the generated file to bugzilla with an update request.
> Ummm... is there such a 'run_this_script' or am I indulging in wishful
> thinking?

If the changes you make are in the ports files, porttools has a `port
diff` command (which uses a reference ports tree to create diffs
against. You can use /usr/ports as that reference, and in fact I believe
that is the default.

You can then just port diff > path-to-patch-file.diff, ready for
attachment into a new bugzilla issue.

If the patch is against WRKSRC source code, you can

a) cp WRKSRC/file WRKSRC/file.orig
b) edit file
c) make makepatch (from the port dir)

makepatch recursively searches WRKSRC for *.orig files, and
automatically creates correctly named patch-foo patch files in /files
for you.

Hope that helps



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